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Who is Using .LA Map

Websites using .LA for main site or forwarding to existing websites.

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.LA Domain for Special Purpose Campaigns

If your doing geo-targeted special purpose campaigns, a  .LA domain name
can optimize your strategy:

Customers see your ad as a little different, the .LA catches them sparking
a re-think, remembrance and a local strategy

You have two options, link directly to an existing social media page or page within your main SEO mature website. Or… create a seperate website with a higher percentage of local LA content to help you in local SEO.

Furthermore, localize your domain with your local Los Angeles presence to help Mobile SEO.

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Legal Online Marketing – .LA Domains

Legal Marketing with .LA Domains

So billions are spent annually on legal and law internet marketing. And many are using a .LA domain name.  Rather than getting a long or lessor name if your marketing in .LA, or emphasizing your an LA company (which resonates well globally), you can get a short .LA domain name like these firms.

Also works for your local presence if your a national or global firm, connect with .LA clients with a forward to your social media, local office or lander for Los Angeles clients.

If you have a common name, like Kane Law, works well.

Legal Internet Marketing with a .LA Domain


Even better get a short one word of your last name like Boucher.LA

Short one Word .LA Domain Boucher.LA


Own the practice are in which you Specialize, like TrustLitigation.LA