.LA Domains For Brands

You’ve got a major brand in .com, so why would you need a .LA.

The easiest answer is to own the right to create a local site for Los Angeles now or down the road, but now is the time where your name may be available.

You may have a special initiative, or you can link to an existing page of your website, or offer a coupon.  You might offer a  deal or special advertising for LA only and using a  .LA domain can help you track visitors, and also geo-locate your site differently than your main company website.

The search engines are constantly tweeking the process of delivering results, being ready with local unique content puts you in the drivers seat for future success.

And if the .LA domain ever gains any special status, your already positioned properly.  Most great brand names available at your favorite registrar at regular registration fee.

Note – For those of your who share you trademarked name with others in different industries, grabbing your .LA name now gives you the control you might want later, today.