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LA is the dedicated domain for the city of Los Angeles, in the ‘Golden state’ of California. As the second biggest city in America, and the biggest on the west coast, LA is recognised globally as an iconic city. The .LA domain enables you to celebrate your association with LA’s world renowned image. .LA is the ideal domain for the 100,000 plus, businesses who call Los Angeles home and the 13 million who live within the greater Los Angeles area. By registering a .LA domain you’re not only connecting your business to one of the world’s largest urban economies (valued annually at approx. $826 billion) you’re also telling your customers that your business operates in one of the most famous and most visited cities in the world.

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.LA for Restaurants

.LA is a great choice for restaurants and nightclubs. Your name is probably taken in .com, and costs $xx,xxx or more to acquire; but if your market in LA, get the pure restaurant name or even shorter abbreviation in .LA; and reinforce your .LA style. Your instantly identifiable in search results as the Restaurant or Club the user is looking for – they know your in LA – so the .LA just confirms it. Shorter More Afforable Memorable

.LA for Causes, Initiatives and Community Improvement Projects

So grab a .LA domain name today, plus a couple of variations, and use them as your main site, and reason to reconnect and re-open your online community, or a special purpose locals only site for your Los Angeles causes, initiatives and community improvement projects.

.LA for Real Estate Developments and Communities

A .LA Domain name makes an excellent choice for your local Los Angeles based real estate development, project, apartment complex or community. Your customers are local in LA. Your space, price and style are LA. Your advertising is mostly in Los Angeles, or your advertising globally and want to reinforce your .LA location and style.

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